We Are In A Car

by Sally

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Alex Daniel
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Alex Daniel beautifully innocent. so sweet, charming, and full of melody. Favorite track: Have You Met Someone?.
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Sally is a New York City–based pop band. Hailing from the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, the group consists of songwriter Jordan Cooper (guitar, accordion, back-up vocals), Kristen Gudsnuk (lead vocals, glockenspiel, melodica, tambourine), and Will Kastner (drums and percussion).
Sally originated from a series of songs written by Jordan from the perspective of a fictitious, lovelorn girl.Their debut EP, We Are In A Car, was released in July 2012.


released August 22, 2012



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Sally Queens, New York


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Track Name: We Are In A Car
I want to tell you
How wonderful you are
I want to tell you
But we are in a car

And if I told you, you'd probably slam on the brakes
And if you did that, my head would certainly break.

I'd like to take you
And kiss you kiss you some more
I'd like to kiss you
But we are in a car

And if I kissed you, you'd probably swerve to the right
And into a tree, it would be a hideous sight.

Driving down this highway
All night in your beat-up car
All night we've been driving
But haven't got very far

We should pull over, and take our seat belts off
What plays on the radio will become our song.
Track Name: A Summer Song
Where did every day go?
I don't even want to know
Summer's over
But I'm not over you

I threw out my calendar
Cause every single time I check it
It's the day after the last
And I can't handle that

Where did every night go?
Where did all of our fights go?
Now it's all too quiet
And a cool breeze has transpired

No more June
Goodbye July
A black and white August
That was us
Track Name: Friends Are Foes
Where does one go when nobody gives a damn
Where can you meet when nobody can make plans
No one is reliable
I might just try some new friends

Girls are stupid, shallow brats
And guys make me want to die
I can't be a part of that
So I'll just be all alone tonight

Where does one stay when no one will let you in
How can you play when no one is any fun
Summer is breezing by
And I haven't even gone outside

Stairs to the bedroom
Creak with a dusty gloom
I can see it in the streaks of sunlight
It's not right

Why would one sleep when you can stay awake
Dance in the kitchen then watch the sun come up
I've got two hundred things done
That I will tell no one about
Track Name: Have You Met Someone?
I don't regret the time we've spent
In fact I think it's splendid
The more I guess at your progress
The more it seems we've ended

I haven't been with many people
Not after what happened with us
I don't know why I feel like I must be faithful

But have you met someone?

A guy at work is a big flirt
He asked me out for supper
My read cheeks glowed but I said no
It just doesn't seem proper

Is she pretty?
Is she happy?
How does she kiss?
Does she exist?

My kitchen's cold and all alone
I miss you at the table
I eat and go to sleep I don't know
If this mood is fatal
Track Name: Head On Your Neck
I fell in love with you
Just like you wanted me to
And every morning was
So comfortable because

I lay my head on your neck
And slept for hours on end
I lay my head on your neck, on your neck

The sunlight always crawled
Slowly up the wall
It swept away the gloom
And made a rainbow in your room

I know a year's gone by
Since the last time we kissed
I know I know I know
But it's gone so slow
It's been dreadful

I woke up next to you
In the early afternoon
I guess I had a hunch
That this would be our last brunch
Track Name: Another Lesson
Your hair looks nice today, Oh no
That's not just something I say when I
Want something in return, oh but
Something would be nice

I miss the way you'd smile when I
Would say something silly, but now
You just roll your eyes as if
It were no surprise

I'm under the impression
That you're just not impressed when
I start undressin'
Though I could be guessin'


I don't think we should stop, I don't
Think we should give up, I'd like
To kiss you and make up, but when
I sit down you stand up.